The Best Swimsuit Colors for Every Skin Tone

What are the best swimsuit colors for every skin tone?

  1. Light skin
  2. Fair skin
  3. Golden skin
  4. Dark skin

Choosing among the many design options of women’s swimwear for sale in the Philippines is hard enough. But, choosing the best swimsuit colors for every tone is far more challenging. A nice swimsuit can look 100 percent better with a shade that complements your skin tone. Want to slay your vacation OOTD? Here’s a complete guide to help you determine the best swimsuit color that will bring out the natural glow of your skin tone. 

Light Skin 

Fair skin

If you have a distinctly white, porcelain, or almost pale skin, opt for swimwear which would make a striking contrast. Darker and richer shades such as navy blue, deep purple, fuchsia pink, and emerald green work best. An all-black swimsuit will not only highlight your complexion, it will also flatter your silhouette. 

Avoid lighter or faded shades like nudes, yellows, and oranges as these will make your skin look paler. Steer clear of flashy and bright-colored swimsuits too as those can make your skin appear reddish.   

When you strut around sandy beaches or luxurious pools, wear the Emery Bandeau High Waist Set in Green. This two-piece swimsuit comes in a stunning emerald green color that will complement your Snow-White-like complexion. 

Fair Skin

Fair Skin

Fair-skinned ladies would look great in swimsuits with contrasting colors. When your fair-toned skin is exposed to the sun, your complexion will turn pinkish. You will also get a light tan. Swimsuits in black, navy blue, vibrant purple, and dark green are thus recommended. When you’re perfectly sun-kissed, you can suit up in pastel colors. Avoid flashy, neon colors which would only make your skin look more red.  

Your fair skin tone will look fabulous with the Pastel Purple Scallop High Waist Set #049. You’ll love the dainty scallop detail lining the bikini’s top and bottom. Wear a straw hat and cute slippers. Use sunscreen with a high SPF to prevent a nasty sunburn.   

Golden Skin

Golden-colored skin features a broad spectrum of various tints of carnation. When you first arrive at the beach, your skin maybe noticeably olive. Exposure to the sun may turn your skin reddish. By the end of your vacation, you may have a golden tan.   

With a golden skin tone, you can pull off just about any swimsuit color. At the start of your vacation, use dark-colored bikinis such as black, dark brown, dark green, and deep purple. Once you are sun-kissed, unleash your fashion creativity. Go and wear that coral pink, vibrant purple, bright yellow, nude, or even neon green bikini. 

With your naturally tanned skin, you can slay even a colorful printed swimsuit. Try the Chelsea One Shoulder Bow One-Piece Swimsuit in Green or Purple. This one-shoulder neckline swimsuit features a vintage-inspired floral detail. 

Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, you’re in luck! The world of swimsuit colors is your oyster. You’ll look stunning in bright colors as well as light. Intense and eye-catching colors will look good on you as well. There is no color to avoid if you have dark skin as you tend to tan easily. Think gold, yellow, red, orange, or blue bikinis. If you have the chance, wear a yellow or golden-colored swimsuit. Our Kelsey Back One Piece Swimsuit in Yellow will look absolutely gorgeous after your tan!  

Key Takeaway

If you’re going swimsuit shopping, don’t forget these best swimsuit colors for every skin tone. Choosing the right swimsuit color can flatter your skin tone. 

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