Shopping Guide: 2 Swimsuit Styles You Need to Know

What are the different swimsuit styles?

  1. One-piece swimsuits 
  2. Bikinis 

Since the advent of swimsuits in the mid-1800s, swimsuit styles have drastically evolved. Today, there are endless options with all kinds of designs for women’s swimwear for sale. In the Philippines, there are plenty of beautiful white-sand beach resorts that call for a leisurely vacation. So make sure you look good and feel great by stocking up on the right swimsuit styles in your closet! 

Not sure what type of swimsuit to grab? Discover the best swimsuit styles worth investing in for an extra fashionable trip! From aesthetic one-piece swimsuits to bandeau bikini sets — there’s a swimsuit style perfect for you in this list. Read on!  

One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are a staple in the swimwear world. For the longest time, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe have worn vintage one-piece swimsuits, proving this swimsuit style can be functional and stylish at the same time. 

By definition, one-piece swimsuits provide full coverage across the torso. Depending on the style, it can also cover varying areas of the upper body and lower body. Many find it ideal to wear chic one-piece swimsuits because most styles don’t expose too much skin.

There are different types of one-piece swimsuits are:

  • Classic one-piece - A simple one-piece with full coverage on the body’s torso and back. It also comes with two supportive straps on top.   
  • One-shoulder - A one-piece that has an asymmetrical style twist wherein one of the shoulder straps is removed.  
  • Off-shoulder - A one-piece swimsuit that partially covers the arms while exposing the shoulders. 
  • V-neck - Also known as a plunging swimsuit that has a very low-cut neckline on the front. 
  • Cut-out - A swimsuit that covers and shows off preferred areas in the body.  
  • Bandeau - A strapless one-piece that offers full torso and back coverage with exposed shoulders.   
  • Monokini - A hybrid one-piece swimsuit styles wherein the top and bottom sections connect yet leave most of your midsection bare. 
  • Rashguard one-piece - Also known as a wetsuit or surf suit, rashguards are tight-fitting and typically have long sleeves to protect from the sun.  

For those who want to stick to a versatile and elegant one-piece, the Dior Classic V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit is the no-fail choice with its figure-hugging and classic v-neck cut. 

Looking for a one-piece swimsuit style perfect for watersports? The Sawyer Black Zip Rashguard Suit will provide your skin that much-needed protection from the sun because of its long sleeves, all while making sure you still look stylish. Its sleek and simple design makes it perfect for swimming laps, surfing, diving, and just about any type of watersport! Want to go for a modern and truly aesthetic? 

The Nala Ruched One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit will easily slip on and flatter your figure. Its full coverage and ruched detail design offer the best of both worlds: comfort and style. 


Bikinis refer to two-piece bathing suits. As one of the most popular swimsuit styles to date, bikini tops and bottoms come in a myriad of fun and flirty designs, perfect for beach and pool trips alike. 

Know which of the following bikini top styles are the most fitting for you:

  • Bandeau - Similar to tube tops, bandeau bikini tops are strapless and provide a snug fit around the chest. 
  • One-shoulder - An asymmetrical bikini top that has only a one-shoulder strap  
  • Triangle - Also known as trikini, triangle bikinis refer to two triangle pieces of swimwear that cover each breast area. 
  • Underwire - Bikini tops that have a metal wire insert inside the fabric casing under the bust for better support. 
  • Halter - Halter bikini tops are closed around the back of the neck using a tie or clasp. 
  • Tankini - Tankini bikini tops cover the midriff. When worn with a high-waisted bikini bottom, tankinis are similar to one-piece swimsuits.  
  • Rashguard - Rashguard tops are tight-fitting and feature long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. These are commonly used to serve as protection from the sun while doing water activities. 

To complete your beach vacay look, here is a list of the different bikini bottoms:

  • High-waist - High-waist bikini bottoms that sit higher on the stomach compared to traditional bottoms. 
  • High-cut - Not to be mistaken for high-waisted bikini bottoms, high-cuts sit on the hip bones. These types of bikini bottoms often create an illusion of elongating the legs. 
  • Hipster - As its name suggests, hipster bikini bottoms have a medium coverage band that sits right on the hips. 
  • String - Bikini bottoms that need to be tied on the side. 
  • Thong - Also referred to as Brazilian bikini bottoms, thongs have a narrowband that offers only minimal coverage on the butt area. 

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Key Takeaway

Here are some of the swimsuit styles you need to know. While the list may be lengthy, the key to choosing the right swimsuit for you is to grab the one that makes you feel good! Whether you want to show off your figure or go for a more conservative yet stylish look, EIKA Swimwear has endless choices for women’s swimwear for sale in the Philippines. 

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