What To Pack To The Beach

Do you miss basking in the sunlight? Do you want to dip your feet in the waters, walk on the sand, and feel refreshed by saltwater? The beach is one of the best places to go for some rest and relaxation.

As it is one of the few places where Filipinos can visit under community quarantine, it might be a good idea to start planning for your next beach trip -- keeping safety protocols in mind.Β 


Here’s a checklist of top essentials for a day trip to the beach:

β—» Swimsuit

Choose one which gives you comfort and confidence. You may also opt for a swimsuit with long sleeves for ample sun protection.

β—» Sunscreen

Vitamin D is important, but protecting your skin is equally essential. Pack a sunscreen and apply it before hitting the waves. Sunscreen provides a layer of protection from harmful UV rays.

β—» Sunnies

You can never go wrong with a good pair of sunnies on the beach. Not only does it protect your eyes, it also adds a little flair to your beach look!

β—» Beach Towel

This is especially useful when beach chairs are not available. A towel helps avoid sand in unwanted areas and is perfect for some tanning!Β 

β—» Slippers

Flip flops are a good choice for the beach. They are comfy, safe on the sand, and easy to walk in. Watch out for those sand crabs!

β—» Sundress/Resortwear

Pack a light sundress to go with your new tan or change into your #OOTD-worth resortwear!

β—» Cover-up

A robe, sarong, or oversized polo are good choices.

β—» Water bottle + snacks

Hydrate. Bring some snacks like chips or fresh fruits. A happy tummy makes a happy day!

Apart from these beach essentials, don’t forget to bring your wallet, phone, and phone charger. Stash them all in a backpack or duffel bag.Β  Keep safe while having fun!