5 Ways To Manage Stress

The global pandemic has made everyday living increasingly stressful. However, there are ways to keep stress from getting the better of you.Β 

Practicing healthy habits consciously and consistently will help you manage stress effectively. Get started with these five steps...

1. Exercise

Relieve stress by committing to a regular exercise routine. Exercise not only strengthens your bones and muscles, it also helps manage your weight and lifts your mood. You need not have a strict exercise program. You just need to make everyday activities more active. Break a sweat by cleaning the house. Go on errands on foot or on a bike. Walk your dog to the park.


2. Unplug and slow down

Take a deep breath and calm your mind. Strive to attain balance between work demands, family time, and personal time. Make time for self-care, whether it’s getting a manicure, reading a book, or lying in bed for a few more hours.


3. Sleep well

Better sleep = less stress. Think of sleeping as the time when your body recharges, giving you energy for the following day. Doctors recommend seven to eight hours of sleep. Switch off your phone, dim the lights, and let the dreamland take over.


4. Eat better

Eating right is a great way to reduce stress. Good food provides healthy vitamins and minerals for brains and bodies to function at their peak levels. Stick to healthy food. Avoid eating mindlessly, especially when you’re stressed. You can still have a cheat day once in a while. Listen to your body.


5. LaughΒ 

Yes, laugh. Laughing produces endorphins and helps boost moods. Releasing good hormones can give you a more positive mindset. Watch a comedy series, share funny memories with friends. Laughing is living!