Where To Buy A Washable Face Mask in The Philippines

In case you missed it, wearing face masks has become the newest wardrobe staple nowadays. For a good reason, face masks are required by the local authorities when going out and they also serve as protection from the current pandemic. While surgical face masks are often deemed wasteful, non-economical, harmful to the environment, and dare we say, unfashionable, buying a washable face mask in the Philippines proves to be the exact opposite. 

Who says wearing a face mask should look utilitarian? If you’re still on the hunt for the best washable face mask in the Philippines that doesn’t sacrifice style and functionality, you’ve come to the right place! Local brands are stepping up with styling washable face masks that can be worn over and over again and still look great with your outfits. Continue reading on this article to check our best washable face mask finds in the Metro!   

Where To Buy A Washable Face Mask In The Philippines

Green microfiber face mask when worn

While EIKA Swimwear is known as the leading swimwear and resort wear brand in the Philippines, they’ve quickly stepped up to meet their beloved customer’s needs during these unprecedentime times. And just like ultra chic bikinis and swimsuits, their washable face masks in the Philippines also pay close attention to aesthetics. The masks come in the prettiest colors and they are made with breathable and eco-friendly materials! Here are some of the best washable face masks from EIKA Swimwear:

Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2

Washable Face Masks (Neoprene V2)

EIKA Swimwear’s Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2 has everything you need in a face mask. First, it is made with a breathable and eco-friendly 2-ply neoprene fabric material that ensures you don’t feel too stuffy and yet still have the protection from diseases that may come your way. Don’t worry, we checked with experts and they stated that masks made with neoprene material can help stop droplets from the mouth and nose! 

If you want an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind, the Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2 also has an insert provision for a polypropylene filter. The best part is, you don’t have to hurt your ears when wearing this washable face mask’s soft fabric earloops. Get the Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2 for only P100 each and choose from pretty colors like light pink, cream, orchid, mauve, light green, sky blue, and many more! 

Washable Microfiber Face Mask

Washable Microfiber Face Mask


Want to upgrade your washable face mask game? EIKA Swimwear’s Washable Microfiber Face Mask is here to keep you safe and stylish. Aside from being breathable and eco-friendly, it’s water-repellent too. Never worry about getting your face mask wet when going out during rainy days!  

The Washable Microfiber Face Mask also offers 3 levels of protection from virus droplets with a microfiber fabric and polypropylene filter. If you want to add another filter, there is an insert provision. Simply attach the soft elastic earloop and you’re ready to go out safely and in style with the Washable Microfiber Face Mask. For only P129 each, you can choose from classy unisex colors like royal blue, gray, brown, olive green, army, teal, and more. 

Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2 (Limited Edition - Floral)

Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2 Limited Edition

If you’re someone who wants to make heads turn whenever you go out, the Washable Neoprene Face Mask V2 (Limited Edition - Floral) is for you! 

Like the other washable face masks in the Philippines from EIKA Swimwear, it is made with a breathable and eco-friendly 2-ply neoprene fabric. It also has an insert provision for a filter as an option for added protection and soft fabric earloops. Aside from those, there is nothing ordinary about this washable face mask as it has a beautiful floral detail seed on one side. For only P130 each, you get to take home this durable face mask that doesn’t compromise style and safety.     

Washable Non-Woven Face Mask (Multipack)

Washable Non-Woven Face Mask (Multipack)

Gone are the days when you had to wear those surgical face masks that make you look like you came from the hospital! Why don’t you reserve those surgical masks for our frontliners? The Washable Non-Woven Face Mask (Multipack) is breathable and eco-friendly and sure to keep your style game in check for only ₱200.00 per pack of 5. At first glance, this washable face mask may look like your ordinary surgical mask. But when you take a closer look, you’ll notice it’s durable 2-ply 60gsm non-woven material and polypropylene filter. Wear it easily using the elastic loops. Choose from classic and fun colors like black, light pink, lavender, purple, teal, lime, dodger blue, gray, white and red! 

Key Takeaway

Need a washable face mask in the Philippines? Look no further than EIKA Swimwear’s washable face masks! It’s entirely possible to wear your face mask with style in mind. Click here to get your own EIKA Swimwear washable face mask now and enjoy exclusive discount deals!