Quarantine Moms: Spot Yours!

Moms don’t wear capes, but they might as well be called heroes. They are probably the first ones to know how you are feeling, the first ones to give a shoulder to cry on, the first ones who’ll ask how your day was.

And because everybody’s been home for the past year, your mom has probably had to work double-time and developed any of these personas as a way of coping with the situation.

Can you spot your quarantine mom?

Cooking Mama

Home-cooked meals are always the best, especially when it’s prepared by mom. Cooking Mama loves whipping up a culinary storm in the kitchen. She knows where to get the best cuts of meat and the freshest seafood. She never fails to make her version of the latest food trend, and her restaurant-worthy spread is worth the calories!

Online Mudra

If your mom has been messaging you through Facebook or Viber instead of going to you face-to-face, then you have got yourself an Online Mudra. The Online Mudra is active on social media and connects with others through online platforms. Whether she is watching Facebook videos, posting Instagram stories, or commenting on web stories, Online Mudra is tech-savvy and always active (literally).


Has your mom watched a ton of K-Drama this quarantine? If the answer is yes, then she is an Omma through and through. Omma is a Korean term that means “mother” in English. K-Drama has become widely popular in our country, much more now with so many available dramas online. It’s easy to lose track of time when you are busy falling in love with Park Seo-joon. Just ask your Omma!

Plant Mommy

Did your garden go from non-existent into lush greenery? You might want to thank your mom for that. From growing fruits to flowers, Plant Mommy is always tending the garden. Your living room probably has at least five new plants, too. Thanks mom!

Side Hustle Mom

Quarantine has been tough for many, especially when it comes to work and money. Many moms have started running small businesses or doing freelance work as a side hustle. We admire those hard-working moms who are staying productive!

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Most of all, stand up, hug your mom if you can, and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!



Words by Kathleen Luna (@kayelunaaa)