GELA MUÑOZ escapes to Cagayan De Oro

GELA MUÑOZ is a freelance stylist, blogger, musician, and part of an upcoming all girl pop trio called "Those Girls". She took her EIKA bikini to Cagayan de Oro last summer! And you’ll see her frolicking about at the famed White Island in Camiguin.

GELA MUÑOZ  is also a God, pig, and sushi lover, she's mostly known online for being the "Gelabeef". She's one part hippie chic, two parts rockstar, and not afraid to be herself (a weirdo most of the time). You can read all about her beef on her blog:

Tell us about your choice of EIKA swimwear.
I actually brought 3 EIKA bikinis with me, but due to the weather that time (there was a storm while we were there huhu) so I was only able to wear one of them. I picked this print on print bikini because it's so boho chic and I found the triangle peep hole oh so cool!

What’s your favorite and memorable experience during your escape?
Definitely white water rafting and visiting the White Island! I think it was meant to be that it rained during our white water rafting experience - it made it much cooler and I felt like I was in some adventure movie! You should definitely try it when you're in CDO. Plus, the White Island was beautiful!

Any plans for your next escape?
Thinking of going to Bangkok, Bali, or Palawan next! Or maybe Hong Kong again, I fell in love with HK when I went there last year.

What’s your dream destination, and why?
I would really love to go backpacking around Europe! I want to see all the gorgeous sights we see on television and in the movies for myself. I would also love to live in the States for awhile - maybe chase my dreams there as well! ;)