DOMINIQUE TIU escapes to Bohol

That's a bit difficult, I wish I could just give you some sort of descriptive or even a phrase for me to perfectly encapsulate myself as a person... but well, there are lots of aspects to me that can't be put to words. I'm Dominique Tiu, and essentially, I'm a work in progress. Fashion Blogging is my art form, so suffice to say... I live and love Fashion. More than that, however, I see myself as a "communicator"--I talk to people, I give them a slice of my world, and I ensure that I am humanized in such a public platform just so people will have someone they can "relate to."

Where did you take your EIKA swimwear?
I took my EIKA swimwear in Bellevue, Bohol! I treated my boyfriend to a post-employment vacation to this 5-star resort. I was gunning for Phuket or Bali, to be honest, but since he's leaving for further studies in Barcelona, he wanted to spend most of his time in our beautiful country instead. So I figured, why not? We've much better beaches anyway!

Tell us about your choice of EIKA swimwear.
I got a tribal print bikini! I wanted something playful and flattering, I figured the bandeau was best
suited for my frame.

What’s your favorite and memorable experience during your escape?
The beauty of Bellevue is that it's very calm... it's not commercialized at all. The beachfront has powdery fine sand that stretches on and on and on. We spent lazy afternoons lounging by the beach beds but on one particular sunset, we took a dip and sat by the sand bar talking about anything under the sun (literally)!

Any plans for your next escape?
I was supposed to bring my boyfriend to Barcelona and we thought of doing a side trip to Ibiza but being recently employed, I don't think I can join him. Hopefully however, I can take a trip with friends to a nearby beach within our country.
What’s your dream destination, and why?
Maldives, hands down!

Dominique Tiu