6 IG-Worthy Poses for the Dalagang Pilipina
You just snagged the most amazing swimsuit, and you’re excited to wear it on your next trip to the beach. While you’re confident that your swimsuit is 100 percent IG-worthy, you’re anxious about your poses. Because of your dalagang Pilipina sensibilities, you don’t want to slay on the sexy side. You want to be prim, proper, and pretty.

Worry not. Here are six poses that every pretty dalagang Pilipina could post on Insta, and not have to hide her feed from the ‘rents!

#1: Kunwaring Candid
This has got to be the easiest pose ever. Bring a nice-looking beach blanket, lie down, and make like you’re shielding your face from the sun. The challenge here is with your photographer friend who would have to get the best angle. Make sure he takes dozens of shots. Bonus: This angle hides the tapsilog you had for breakfast.

#2: Happy Hour
This pose is all about the joie de vivre! You’re young, happy, healthy, and on a freaking vacation! What more could you ask for?! The cocktail is mere decoration, the star of the show is your million-watt smile! The camera doesn’t lie, so you better mean it! Think happy thoughts, show your teeth, and smile!

#3: One with the Coconuts
What’s a tropical vacation without a string of coconut trees amidst a backdrop of sand and sea? You can be as demure as you want here; you can even wear shorts if you like. The challenge is to find a beautiful line of coconut trees, and then be as subtle as you can with your pose.

#4: Dreaming Away
Ah, you, on a boat, with sails drawn, off to an adventure! There are many elements at work here. For your part, your legs have got to work it. Elongate your gams for as long as you can, posing at an angle for added effect. Wearing colored shades brings more drama. Your photographer would have to work double time here. Look at how the life vests at the bottom add another texture to the photo. Be sure to take notice of such elements.

#5: Duck Face
What could be more adorable than a pretty girl doing something fugly?! The peace sign and the swanky resort in the background help, too.

#6: How Init the Sun
When all else fails, face the sun, raise your hands like a shield, and show just a hint of a smile. Make sure your outfit is immaculate, and your armpits divine! Best of luck, dalagang Filipina!

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