Lounge All Day? It’s Okay!

Clothing has always been a big part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. More than a necessity, it’s a form of self-expression and identity. However, expressing ourselves through fashion is difficult as we sit it out at home. With the Philippines falling behind in Covid-19 response, we’ve been mandated to stay home as much as possible. In other parts of the world, communities are slowly going back to the way things were. Unfortunately, we just don’t have that kind of freedom and safety yet. We wake up, take a bath, and wear the same things every day since we don’t have anywhere to go.

So here lies the question:

Is it okay to wear loungewear all day? The short answer is yes. Why? Your clothes, your choice; nobody should tell you otherwise.

Most of us live in our pambahay, giving birth to the loungewear trend in fashion with every other celebrity headlining a label. To some, loungewear has become the safe space they need to get things done or simply get through the day. It gives a sense of comfort and warmth. To others, loungewear is just the practical choice. Apart from being cooler all around, loungewear pieces are also easier to launder as opposed to shirts, slacks, and skirts.

Myra Satin Lounge Set, Soy Wax Candles by EIKA.PH EIKA Lounge EIKA Swim

Give yourself time to relax with a Myra Satin Lounge Set and EIKA x Pysche Scented Soy Wax Candles. Photo by EIKA.PH


Wearing loungewear all day has undeniably become a way of life for many. Who wouldn’t want to walk around the home office in a pair of breathable cotton shorts? A silk top with matching pajamas not only feels light and airy, it also looks absolutely stylish. A rayon kimono, a linen jumpsuit, or a polyester robe are some of the other choices available to all of us who work from home. 

With such a wide array of options, loungewear has become a new form of self-expression in fashion. Fashionistas and WFHers are now dressing up and styling themselves in loungewear all day.

Kara Satin Lounge Set, Myra Satin Lounge Set, Silk Eye Mask by EIKA.PH EIKA Lounge EIKA Swim Philippines

Pair your Kara or Myra Lounge Set with a Luxury Silk Eye Mask for a good night's sleep! Photo by EIKA.PH


Of course, whatever you wear is your choice whether it is loungewear all day or office wear for a few hours.

What’s important, most specially these days, is how you feel and how you can take each day and live it the best way you can.



Words by Kathleen Luna (@kayelunaaa)