Summer Tipid Tips for Your Next Beach Trip

Are you thinking about planning a fun trip for you and your family/friends? It's already summer and I'm sure you've been seeing a lot of vacation posts from your friends on their social media accounts. We could go to the beach any time of the year however; our budget doesn't always cooperate. So we're here to help you save for your next beach trip.


Here are six tips you can apply on your daily routine to help you save:

  1. Always bring your own tumbler

After walking under the heat of the sun, our automatic reaction is to go to a convenience store and grab that cold mineral water. However, it contributes a lot to our expenses and less to our savings if we do it every day. So go grab your unused water bottle and use them to help you save not just your pockets but also the mother earth!


  1. Pack lunch and bring your own snacks

I know, bringing and preparing packed lunch every day can be a hassle. It adds to your everyday routine but it will also add up to your savings. Remember, no one beats an early and prepared bird!


  1. Walk, be fit, and save coins!

Walking around under the summer heat can be so undesirable. But if your destination is just near and you have an umbrella, go and walk! For sure, your health will benefit from it and saving small amounts from walking is just a bonus for your pockets.


  1. Buy ONLY what you need

Sometimes, we know we don't really need that thing but the packaging is so cute or everyone has it so 'I need to buy it'. Can you relate? We have to learn to let go of our 'wants' so we can save up for that beach getaway. Stay strong and focus on our goal!


  1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead always saves us a lot of time, money, and stress. Usually, accommodations are a lot cheaper when you booked ahead of time. It doesn't only save you from more expenses but also gives you ample time to save and prepare for your upcoming trip.


  1. Look out for discounts from your favorite swimwear brand!

Of course! Don't forget to bring your favorite swimwear on your next beach trip! Discounts, whether it's big or small, can be a great help for us. But when you're buying something, make sure that it's of the best quality. And EIKA Swimwear got your back! With affordable prices, you can be sure that you get more than what you pay for and look effortlessly beautiful with your EIKA swimwear.


Most of our tips require a little bit of sacrifice but as a wise person says, "If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice".