LIRIKOS Marine Energy Aqua Wrapping Mask
LIRIKOS Marine Energy Aqua Wrapping Mask
LIRIKOS Marine Energy Aqua Wrapping Mask

LIRIKOS Marine Energy Aqua Wrapping Mask

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  • Full skin hydration Powered by Marine Elixir™
  • Daily moist SOS mask that instantly moisturizes dry skin and covers moisture coating
  • A naturally-derived adhesive sheet that feels like your own skin. Made from the soft fluffy cotton found around cotton wool, the natural derived Cupra sheet tightly and gently adheres close to the skin’s fine contours, and the essence content is high enough to deliver nutritional ingredients to the skin.
  • Forming moisture barrier. The seaweed fermentation ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and artificial moisturizing factor AMF™ ingredients belonging only to Lirikos Marine Energy supplies hydration to the skin and at the same time increases the skin’s moisture level, as well as forms a coating and gives rich moisturization to the skin.

    [ HOW TO USE ]

    1. Wash face and apply toner.
    2. Pull out the mask and carefully place on the face.
    3. Remove after 10 to 20 minutes and pat face lightly to absorb the remaining essence into skin.

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    LIRIKOS Marine Energy Aqua Wrapping Mask

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