Rash Guard In The Philippines From EIKA Swimwear

Long Sleeve Rash Guard

A timeless classic, EIKA Swimwear takes the long sleeve rash guard to the next level by featuring zany prints and sleek colors perfect for surfing the waves. Each long sleeve rash guard in the Philippines on our collection is designed to offer full protection against abrasions, sand, and other unwanted beach residue. Spending hours under the sun and enjoying the cool beach waters to your heart’s content has never been this fun.

P270 Alondra | Black & White Stripe Zip Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Whether it’s a pool party or a full-blown trip to the beach, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the Alondra Long Sleeve Rash Guard a part of it. At first glance, this one-piece rash guard in the Philippines has all the makings of the perfect rash guard — full sleeves for sun and sand protection, and a front zipper for easier wear.

Try out the Alondra and you’ll find that there’s more than meets the eye. Made with nylon Spandex with a padded interior, the Alondra offers ultimate comfort on the sand like nothing else.

P272 Ava | Long Sleeve Rash Guard High Waist Set

Flaunt your hard-earned beach bod with the Ava Long Sleeve Rash Guard . This unique two-toned high waist swimsuit set is tailor made for the fashion-forward beachgoer. Coming in a two-piece style, the Ava provides added comfort and mobility for under-the-sun activities like paddling, free diving, surfing, boarding, or even spelunking.

P257 Ainsley | Dainty Floral Zip Rash Guard

Love floral prints? Our Ainsley Floral Zip Rash Guard is just the right swimsuit for you. Meticulously-adorned with colorful and vibrant blooms, this white base rash vest is one rash guard in the Philippines you won’t forget. Snugly-fit and unlined, this floral rash guard provides your body with comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Short Sleeve Rash Guard

With the Philippines' tropical climate, the idea of wearing a long sleeve rash guard may not be in the list of your priorities. Don’t worry because you can find the perfect short sleeve rash guard in the Philippines from EIKA Swimwear’s selection. Each piece fully protects your body’s delicate areas while allowing you to stay cool under the heat.

P271 Emma | Mesh Short Sleeve Rash Guard Suit

The Emma Mesh Short Sleeve Rash Guard sports an all-black look that highlights and accentuates your gorgeous figure. Step into this beach wear and make the beach your own runway with it’s shoulder-to-chest mesh fabric and a classic corset-inspired design. Complement the suit with your choice of sun hat, shades, and white, buttoned-down shirt as you walk along the fine sands of the beach.

P112 Julianna | Black Short Sleeve Rash Guard Suit

Wear the Julianna to your liking, with its fully-adjustable front zipper closure and high neckline for full torso protection. Tailored with a thin, yet highly-durable Spandex fabric, the Julianna is truly made for the avid swimmer. Sleek and stylish, make your summers more unforgettable with this one-of-a-kind rash guard suit.

LUX020 Aleena | Color Block Rash Guard High Waist Set

EIKA Swimwear brings the crop top-high-waist shorts combo to the waters with the Alena Color Block Rash Guard Set . With this rash guard in the Philippines, we combine together the nuances of form and function — the Aleena is adorned with a playful ribbon detail for a body-hugging look while offering your body protection under the sun. Pair the Aleena with matching shades of black, from the eyewear down to your flip flop choice.

Find A Stylish Rash Guard In The Philippines From EIKA Swimwear!

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